Marketing Communications / Video Production


Putting your needs first, our process revolves around positive thinking and utilizing the collective talent and the experience of the team to exceed the client's expectations.

  • Embracing the needs of the client while staying true to their brand and mission
  • Anticipating needs
  • Ability to lead large scale projects for large corporations
  • Partnering with advertising agencies and having agency experience
  • Keeping projects on schedule/budget
  • Earning the trust of clients, resulting in long-term relationships
  • Extraordinary problem solving


Penny takes a  zen-like  approach to an array of multimedia digital content solutions which serve to promote, encourage and advance the client’s brand. Her team's capabilities span from creative conception to post production.

At Ai Film + Video, Inc. all the project details are covered by Penny and her team. Clients say the reason they keep coming back, year after year, is the  feeling of comfort  they have when working with her. Every project is being handled properly and done right.

Marketing Communications

  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Direction


Media Production

  • Consumer facing
  • Major Brands
  • Smart Phone App Content
  • Training
  • Photography


Project Management

  • Large Scale
  • High Quantity
  • Multi-Camera
  • Campaigns
  • Crews / Talent



KitchenAid Dishwash > Heat Dry Option

KitchenAid CookShield

Smartphone APP Frigidaire Appliances

behind the scenes video set
produce preserver
dish of pasts
final cut pro
Closeup of sandwich with tomatos
flying food
stocked refridgerator
Director and Cinematographer off camera discussing a scene
kitchenaid appliance closeup
makeup artist applying makeup on actress
makeup artist applying makeup on actress

Penny DeVries

With over 20 years of marketing and behind the camera experience, Penny is able to inspire first-rate performances from seasoned pros, distracted corporate executives, and nervous children - even animals.

In the editing suite, she knows how to work with a team to make it happen, on time, under budget, and beyond expectations.